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100 days of training

Choose if you want to be Gold or Silver




When registering for the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon you can select the TRAINING section to register for (Gold / Silver).


To purchase GRHM REGISTRATION + TRAINING click here.


If you are already registered in the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon can you still join the Training project Gold or Silver in a very simple way. 


Please make a bank transfer of

  • - € 90.00 (Gold Training)
  • - € 50.00 (Silver Training)


and send the bank transfer to

specifying the name of the person enrolled in the competition who wants to take advantage of the program.


IBAN: IT70L0604511703000005020425 

payable to: Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon Asd





It will start -100 days to the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon, from the beginning of march you can join whenever you want, even in the following months.

Everyone can benefit from it and achieve their goal:

who still today is on the sofa and believes it is simply impossible
from the walker to the novice runner who has only been running for a few months and wants to make his debut on the distance of 21,097km
who wants to make his first competitive competition
expert runners who dream of beating the personal best.




- Training table

- Reserved access to 4 educational webinars from March to June

Training / athletic preparation methodology, Supply, Training / athletic preparation method
Final pre-race breath, the latest advice from the athletic trainer and nutritionist.
- a personal "RESERVED AREA" where you will constantly find all the information


In these months, any new initiatives and facilities will also be included exclusively.

There are two training levels to choose from in the registration panel for the race: GOLD and SILVER



There are two training levels to choose from in the registration panel for the race: GOLD and SILVER




It is the highest level "treatment", reserved especially for only 1% of the total participants of the race.

A maximum limit therefore of 40 people possible.

The cost of the GRHM Gold Training with personal advice from Dario Meneghini is € 90.00.


Subsequently, directly with the technician, there will be the functional evaluation test with anamnesis, sharing objectives and practical test to find the anaerobic threshold and cardio zones, in attendance at a cost of 80 euros, or if you are not in the Verona area consultancy remote telephone, anamnesis, data collection and indirect test to know the state of form cost 40 euros.





For this program there are no participation limits and for the 100 days of training the cost is 50.00 euros. Each user who has purchased the service in his own reserved area on the site will have his own training schedule on a monthly basis starting from the beginning of March, depending on his physical condition of departure and therefore divided into three macro-categories: neophyte, normal runner and expert.

Categories that will be identified through a short cognitive questionnaire that users will have to complete.

The 'Silver' runners will also be able to access the 4 dedicated and aforementioned webinars.





The responsable for the project is the 35 years old Dario Meneghini, Graduated in Sports Science, he has been working in the Running sector for 8 years, preparing athletes of all levels to achieve their results.

Owner of “Running Dream”, he organizes training courses, group trainings and is the coordinator of the KM Sport team.

In his palmares, a past as a good athlete on the track: his personal ones are 1.51.75 '' (800m), 3.51.40 '' (1500m), 8.34.0 '' (3000m), 32.07 '' (10km), 1.12 .17 '' (half marathon) and for some years he has made his passion his job.