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L’Abbraccio (The hug)

L’Abbraccio (The hug)

for the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon with the medal work of art

THE CONTEST- The registrations for the half marathon are progressing like the past years, today there are 1500 athletes who have already purchased the race bib who want to show up at the start set at 7 am on Sunday 13 June.

This event has always been a flagship among the events organized by GAAC 2007 Veronamarathon ASD, thanks to its strong identity radically anchored to the territory and its history. 

For this reason, the organizers decided to reward the efforts of the participants with a very special medal. 


From the agreement with the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, the idea was born of making the ingenuity of the student designers, young artists and talents of the territory who know history, myths and legends, traditions, urban planning and naturalistic context work. 

Six works were selected from this competition, all extraordinary and capable of transmitting emotions, but two of these deserved a special place. 

The two finalist works, “Quartieri Moderni”(Modern neighborhoods), by Lorenzo Faccioli and "L'Abbraccio" (The hug), by Erica Andrich, reached the headlines and were the subject of the #nowitsyourturn challenge that saw the athletes indicate their preference in the month of March.

L’ABBRACCIO (the hug)- Is the winner with the 72% of the votes, about 1200 the electors, the opera was been renamed “L’ABBRACCIO” opera of Erica Andrich (Video here).
It’s an opera full of excellence, charge of positivity and with a talent of the territory, it’s the result of a legendary interpretation for the born of the Verona city.
“L’ABBRACCIO” transform in an object the love of the Adige for the sweet Veruna pierced with an arrow from the god Diana for haven’t respected the chastity vow. Desperate, Adige throws himself into the river, the same one that still today surrounds Verona with its double loop. Erica tells through this symbolism how much the city of Verona is linked to the theme of true love, even before this was consecrated by William Shakespeare's masterpiece.

The remaining preferences, 28%, were for Lorenzo Faccioli's work "Modern neighborhoods" (VIDEO HERE), a journey into the meanders of the city, through often irregular alleys that always lead to the beating heart, the center, connected to the nine new neighborhoods, represented with an alternative identity frieze.