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The course

The course

Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon, the new course smel of history

The Course
Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, the new route smells of history
New date, start / finish area and route, faster and full of history.
You pass by the Arena, Castelvecchio, the Adige, Porta Borsari and Porta Palio, Piazza Erbe and much more ...


From the top of the hill the Castle looks straight ahead, towards the city,
made with art worthy of Daedalus, with dark galleries,
the noble, distinguished, memorable, great theater [the Arena],
built to your decor, sacred Verona.
Great Verona, goodbye, live forever through the centuries
and let all nations celebrate your name in the world
(from Raterian iconography - Civitas Veronensis Depicta)


VERONA - The 14th Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon is scheduled for June 13, 2021, an event that, this year, has an even more special flavor because it represents the return to normality, and which will allow you to run in company while breathing art and the history of Verona.


NEWS - Compared to last year, when it was still possible to carry out the event as usual, there are many new features.
In order to comply with COVID-19 regulations, the start and finish will both be at the Bentegodi Stadium, a very large area in which the risk of crowding is prevented.
For the same reason, the arrival will also take place in the same area, thus avoiding the need for shuttles from the center to the departure as was previously the case when the arrival was in Piazza Bra.
Also new is the date, that of June 13 in which, at 7 in the morning, the runners will greet Verona upon awakening.


THE COURSE - 21,097km, which will be certified as soon as possible by the competent bodies, a renewed course, to be run in one breath in a single lap, without overlapping, and which promises to be faster than the classic one thanks to a smaller number of curves.
A path that starts from the outskirts and touches the historic center twice, both in the first kilometers and in the second part, but at the same time is fast and breathes on the Lungadige.


View the official course of the Half Marathon


0 - 5 km

Departure from the Bentegodi Stadium, called “Stadio dei Quarantamila” in the direction of Porta Nuova (km 2).
At km 3 we meet the seventeenth-century palace of the Gran Guardia which, with its 86 meters in length, stands out on the south side of the central Piazza Bra, where there is the Arena amphitheater and Palazzo Barbieri, seat of the Municipality of Verona.
The runners will leave it to meet, now at 4km, the Church of San Fermo Maggiore or of the Saints Fermo and Rustico which also houses the Chapel of the Alighieri.
Another kilometer (5km) to reach the splendid Piazza delle Erbe and the Torre dei Lamberti which, with its 84 meters, is today the tallest building in the city of Verona.
The Tower houses the two bells, the Rengo, used to call the people to gather in case of danger, and the Marangona, to mark daily life.
We leave the Torre dei Lamberti to admire the Basilica of Sant’Anastasia and its magnificent portal decorated with paintings and sculptures, famous for the spectacular fresco of "San Giorgio and the Princess" by Pisanello.


6 - 15km

From here you run for one kilometer in the direction of the Church of Sant’Eufemia, a large religious building with a magnificent fifteenth-century portal.
At km 6 we meet the Ponte della Vittoria, built to celebrate November 4, 1918, the day of victory in the battle of Vittorio Veneto and the end of the Great War, as well as to commemorate the Fallen Veronese.
Continue along the Adige, whose beauty you will admire up to km 15.
Here the course is smooth and streamlined and allows you to gain precious seconds on your stopwatch, it is the central moment of the race, you can start increasing your race pace.


16 - 21 km

At about 16 km we reach the Ponte del Risorgimento, a few meters from the medieval Torre della Catena, built to celebrate the centenary of the unification of Italy.
A few hundred meters to find ourselves in Porta Borsari, known as Porta Iovia, formerly the site for the collection of duties on goods in transit.
In a flash from here you arrive at the Arena, an iconic Roman amphitheater known throughout the world, one of the best in terms of state of preservation, home to opera performances of unparalleled level.
Leaving Piazza Brà, take Via Roma to reach the majestic Castelvecchio and from here in a few hundred meters we find ourselves admiring the monumental Porta Palio, built on a project by the architect Michele Sanmicheli. There is very little to go to cross the new finish line in the area of ​​the Bentegodi Stadium.



Registration closes on May 15th for the race pack and bib to be sent home
Registration closes on May 31 for those who opt for bib collection on June 12 (no bib collection on Sunday morning)
Limited number of 4000 people.