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Big boom for Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon

Big boom for Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon

1000 of 4000 runners are registrated for the Run

Big boom for Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon


Already 1000 of the 4000 possible runners registered in just 4 days


Registration opened last Saturday, January 16, with a strong response from runners who can't wait to be able to go back to running the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon in Verona

VERONA - In a few days the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon felt enveloped in a gigantic and very warm hug, yes, those hugs that we miss so much in this era of Covid19 but that arrived loud and clear from the runners of Italy and 'Europe.
Postponed to Sunday 13 June with a start set at 7 am, the 14th Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon is once again a competition and a sporting event that will leave its mark.

After just four days from the launch of the new date of the event in live streaming on social media, which took place only last Saturday 16 January by the organizing company Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon Asd, already 1000 runners have signed up, eager to finally experience a day of sport , competition and fun.
"The registrations where immediate as soon as we revealed the date and opened the site the saturday afternoon during the live stream- Confirm Stefano Stanzial President of Veronamarathon-.

The saturday the registrations where about 200, we are receiving iscriptions from the whole Italy and from others European countries, almost 200, we are receiving registrations from all over Italy and from many European countries, confirming how strong sports tourism is. Combining an international level competition with a great tradition, which has been awarded the Fidal Gold Label for years, together with a city like Verona is undoubtedly a winner. The rest is done by the desire to return to normaly that we miss so much and for the many running enthusiasts it means competing and traveling with their family to discover new places, to visit cities and Verona is already waiting for them ".
The president Stanzial, don't hide the enthusiasm: "I have to be honest, we didn't expect so much affect from a part of the runners, that give us motivation and proud of our work.
We will do what is possible for organize all at the max.
I confirm there  will be only 4000 bib free, about an half of the usually 7000 runners we have every years. We wait for the 13 june".

We wait for this 23 jenuary 2021 at 14.00 p.m, will be an other live streaming, this time the stream will be transalate en english cause will be programmed only for abroad of italy.
Every year we have thousands of people coming in Verona for run the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon, the verona Marathon and the Cangrande Half Marathon in november.


Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon 21,097km is an international race included in the calendars of World Athletics, Aims and awarded the Gold Label Fidal, sic will run on Sunday 13 June 2021 with departure set at 7 am.
From January 16th, registrations are officially open for both Italian and foreign athletes, online on the new website Registration closes on May 15th if the race pack and bib are shipped home, May 31st for those who opt for bib collection on June 12th (no bib collection on Sunday morning) or upon reaching the limit of 4000 people.